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Puruesh Chaudhary

AGAHI | Coalition for Ethical Journalism
Founder | Coordinator

Puruesh Chaudhary is a media development and strategic communications professional; pertaining to key functional areas covering research, content evaluation and its conceptual development. She has been a professional broadcast editor and has worked in leading news channels in Pakistan; both in Urdu and English: designing, developing and planning content for news, current affairs and other special assignments. She is the Center for International Media Ethics’ Ambassador to Pakistan and has been presenting the country’s content landscape on various development forums. She is also the youngest Alumnae at the National Defence University. She has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper and is currently the Curator for the Islamabad Hub.  Her forte is to enable the concepts of knowledge collaboration & information sharing by developing strategic content and outreach communication techniques that have an impact on the socio-economic developmental models. She has developed some successful international and local knowledge collaborations and partnerships key to enhancing quality journalism in Pakistan. Chaudhary’s role as the Director Content for Mishal, a strategic communication’s company on policy designs requires her to develop conceptual terms on key development indicators and functional areas that covers research and development, which facilitates monitoring and evaluation with multiple contingencies. She assists and works on various communication and journalism development programmes with UNESCO, UNICEF, DANIDA, CIME, Media Helping Media, Pakistan Institute for Peace and Security, Internews Europe, British High Commission, Faith-Matters, International Center for Journalists, Center for Investigative Journalism Bosnia-Sarajevo, International Media Support, US State Department, Investigative Dashboard, Ministry for Information and Broadcasting of the Government of Pakistan, BBC College of Journalism, Fatima Jinnah Women University, International Center For Journalists, European Union, National University of Science and Technology, Naya Jeevan, National Defence University, Press Council of Pakistan, Open Society Foundations, Democracy Reporting International.She is the President of what originally started of as an initiative called “AGAHI” designed by Mishal Pakistan; and is now established as not-for-profit foundation that aims to increase the capacity of journalists and media/communication professionals in the country. AGAHI is also one of the knowledge partner for Pakistan’s first “60 Second Film Festival”.Since 2011, Chaudhary in collaboration with the Press Clubs in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and Azad Kashmir has inducted a thoroughly designed programme on Investigative Journalism and Responsible Reporting for over 400 journalists in 2011-12 which included; 
Investigative Journalism and Media Ethics, InterFaith,
Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Organisation Funding,
Journalism and Society “Millennium Development Goals’’,
Reporting in Terrorism and Conflict, Social Media and Journalism, 
Safety Training. Scaling up on the Media Development efforts in Pakistan, Chaudhary organized the First-Ever Journalism Awards in the Country with support of Leading International Media Development Institutes/Partners, Academia, Government of Pakistan, Private Sector including several other stakeholders – recognizing the local journalists on producing counter-narratives in 15 different categories; under the slogan of “Shaping the Future of Journalism”. She has created several scholarship opportunities for the through Press Clubs and Universities (Peshawar and Balochistan) for students aspiring to become professional media and communications workers/leaders through industry-academia linkages. She has also developed the first Online Journalism course, which is being taught in several universities across Pakistan, by training the educationists and practitioners. She is the leading consultant on a 12-episode documentary series over content design and layout on indirect victims of terrorism, extremism, viole