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Will Peer-to-Peer Finance Disrupt Banking?
CC02 | The Global Collaborative Consumption Community
CC02 | P2P Accomodation and The Future of Travel
FM01 | Will Peer-to-Peer Finance Disrupt Banking?
MK01 | Open Manufacturing: The New Industrial Revolution
Design Thinking Workshop: Extreme Sharing & Limits of Collaboration
CC03 | Building Community and Reaching Critical Mass on a P2P Marketplace
OK01 | Open Government Data: What, Why, How?
MK04 | Wikihouse, an Open Source Construction Set
FM03 | Crowdfunding as an Optimism-Generation Machine
MK05 | The Open Source powered Economy
FM04 | Workshop: A Timebank for Social Entrepreneurs
MK07 | Making Local Production Work: Sustainable Models for Open Manufacturing
BD04 | Introducing the Collective Action Toolkit
ES07 | The Future of Connected Work
OK02 | Open Science and The New Economy of Knowledge
FM06 | Crowdfunding the Commons
BD07 | Collaborative Economy and Legacy Businesses: Strategy Workshop
CC12 | Life as a Sharing Entrepreneur: Building a Collaborative Consumption Startup
MK10 | Coliving, Coworking: New Lifestyles Beyond the Live/Work Dichotomy
FM07 | Virtual Currencies
OuiShare presents OuiShare Love #1 : Do It Together